Safety & Environment

Safety at Meridian worksites is a top priority and we are proud to participate in the COR safety program. Meridian is working with COR, OH&S and our clients to ensure our program meets or exceeds all standards. Our team is always trying to find ways to make our program better and we encourage everyone to be involved.

We want all of our employees to make safety a way of life on our projects and hope they can use their positive attitude toward safety both on and off the job. Environmental issues are very important to Meridian Pipelines and we work hard to ensure our footprint is as small as possible. We maintain a clean work site and take great care in reducing any impact. Respect for landowners and wildlife are a priority and we try to keep noise, dust and traffic to a minimum.

Our equipment operators are highly skilled and take pride in leaving your sites looking good. We work closely with our clients, landowners, and government to ensure our sites are completed to the highest standards.